Shipping Intelligence. Arrived – 08 June 1845.

Bark Caroline (left), window detail, St. Lorenz Lutheran Church, Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Shipping Intelligence.
Port of New-York,

 Sunday, June 8 [1845].

“Bremen barque Caroline, Volkmann [sic],from Bremen, April 22 with mdse, &c. To E. Pavenstadt.”[1]

The story of the fifteen original Frankenmuth colonists sojourn in America began with their ship’s 08 June 1845 arrival into the Port of New York. The Bark Caroline departed Bremen on 22 April 1845 with Captain Fred. Volckmann at the helm and cleared United States customs on 09 June 1845. Of the 166 passengers on board, eight were in cabin class, the rest in steerage. Four passengers died on the forty-eight day voyage. Among these was the youngest of the party headed for the Saginaw Valley, Margarethe Haspel, daughter of Martin and wife Margarethe Haspel.[2]

[1] “Shipping Intelligence. Port of New-York, Arrived.” Spectator (New York, New York), 11 June 1845, p. 3; digital image, GenealogyBank ( : accessed 12 January 2014), Newspaper Archives. Other literature suggests the Bark Caroline departed Bremen on 20 April 1845.

[2] Manifest stamped no. 391, Bark Caroline, 09 June 1845; “Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1820-1897,” Microfilm Publication M237, roll no. 058, National Archives at Washington, D.C.; digital images, ( : accessed 21 January 2014).


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