A Genealogy Education Plan

Genealogical Education Plan.
Genealogical Education Plan, educational opportunities tracking table.

At last summer’s Sanford University’s IGHR I first heard, in passing, the term “genealogy education plan.”  I was immediately intrigued; I knew I needed one.

I’ve found very little on a Web in the way of genealogy education plans except for this worthwhile recording on The FamilySearch Learning Center site: “Your Own Education Plan: Choosing the Best Continuing Education Opportunities.” The lecture was originally presented by Elissa Scalise Powell, CG at the 2010 APG Professional Management Conference. Although dated in regards to up-coming conference and institutes, it provides a good overall assessment of what genealogy educational opportunities are available and discovering what types of opportunities work best for you. A class handout is available for download from the video page and includes a self-assessment worksheet.

During my recent “week without Ancestry.com,” I spent some of my genealogy time crafting my own education plan. It builds on Elissa Scalise Powell’s “Your Own Education Plan Self-Assessment Worksheet” to incorporate overall genealogical goals, a curriculum of study, and a table for tracking educational objectives and opportunities. For those interested in a template, feel free to download a copy of my Genealogy Education Plan.



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