GenEx 2014 : Ohio Genealogical Society Conference in Review

Kalahari Resorts Conference Center, Sandusky, Ohio.
Kalahari Resorts Conference Center, Sandusky, Ohio.

Last week I attended the Ohio Genealogical Society’s annual conference held at Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky, Ohio. The conference committee took advantage of the resort’s safari theming and hosted a “genealogical expedition” for the attendees. Several hundred were in attendance over the four-day event. I had a fantastic time! The sessions I attended were high-quality with every single one rating at least a “good” in my book. Certainly, I was present at only a fraction of the offerings, but following are my picks for some personal conference highlights.

** GenEx 2014 Conference Picks **

Favorite sessions: Rogues, Rascals, and Rapscallions: Tracking Black Sheep Through the Courts by Judy G. Russell; Using Tax Records for Genealogical Problem-Solving by Michael D. Lacopo

Favorite workshops: Untangling Conflicting Evidence: Who in the World Was Hjalmar? By J. H. Fonkert; Reading and Understanding Old Documents by Michael J. Leclerc

Favorite exhibitors: Jenealogy (Jenealogy sponsored the door prize I won for a 12”x12” printed family tree); Ohio Historical Society (loved the Ohio-shaped Post-It notes)

Funniest presenters: Deborah A. Abbott & J. Mark Lowe (their keynote was a hoot!); Michael J. Leclerc

Best beverage: Elephant Mud Bath (a concoction of Amarula, Svedka vanilla vodka, creme de cocoa, ice cream, and chocolate)

Elephant Mud Bath.
Elephant Mud Bath.


Best waterpark attractions: Victoria Falls (vote by proxy – my nephew, Max); orange kids’ slide (vote by proxy – my niece, Molly)

My nephew Max is looking forward to his next genealogy Conference!  Kalahari Resorts Waterpark, Sandusky, Ohio.
My nephew thinks genealogy conferences are great fun, too! Kalahari Resorts Waterpark, Sandusky, Ohio.  Photo: Robyn Bernthal.


Conference chairs Margaret Cheney and Susan Zacharias and their team deserve many thanks for putting together a terrific event! I’m already looking forward to OGS 2015 with Judy G. Russell keynoting.


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