Wanna See My DNA Results?

I grew up with the theory that I was of 100% Germanic stock. So far, all the lines of my family tree bear out that theory. Yet, I still thought it would be fun to test my DNA with Ancestry.com. And the results of my ethnicity estimate surprised me:

    (Click on graphic to enlarge.)

My ethnicity estimate from AncestryDNA. AncestryDNA (http://dna.ancestry.com : accessed 2015).
My ethnicity estimate from AncestryDNA. AncestryDNA (http://dna.ancestry.com : accessed 2015).

Of course, the Europe West and Europe East estimates were no surprise. Both areas encompassed Germanic lands. Scandinavia was not expected, but since I have Prussian ancestors that lived in what today comprises Poland and with Sweden and Denmark not exactly lying very far off, a connection there is a viable possibility. The real kickers were Great Britain and Ireland. I mean, Ireland, really? The estimates could be a fluke or a reflection of tribal movements well before we can expect to find any ancestral documentation. Acting on a hunch, though, that this may not be the case, I decided to have my mother tested, or rather, she agreed to have her DNA tested.

Her results were not what I expected. While her majority estimates reflect Germanic heritage, her results also came in with 26% Scandinavian and and 21% British. These percentages are not so easy to dismiss as anomalies.

And so, my quest for my ancestral origins has taken an interesting turn…


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