Mostly true, possibly irreverent, and always relative.

FrankenGen shares my explorations and discoveries into the world of my progenitors.  It exists to exchange resources, stories, history, and genealogy centered on the Franconian colonies of Michigan’s Saginaw Valley; however, this is only a starting point.  Geographically, FrankenGen extends beyond its roots, expanding its scope into an encompassing “German Lutheran Genealogy” of the American Midwest.  (Ambitiously overstated.)  And when I run out of things to say about them, FrankenGen may at times segue into the English.  Even the French.

My memberships include the National Genealogical Society, Concordia Historical Institute, Ohio Genealogical Society, Western Michigan Genealogical Society, Grice House Heritage Association (Harbor Beach, Michigan), and the Frankenmuth Historical Association. I’m always happy to hear from readers and long-lost (and not-so-lost) cousins, so don’t be afraid to say hello.

I’m also a member of the GeneaBloggers blogging community which uses specific blogging prompts, hence the occasional use of awkward post titles such as “Mappy Monday” and “Those Places Thursday.”

Thanks for reading.

Mary Bernthal

Email: frankengenblog {at} gmail.com